How can we foster a community that builds a decentralized web?

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brand foundation


this moodboard was to become our guiding North Star on all designs that followed.

decentralized web branding Nezhynska moodboard


design concept

logo origins: 
people making 
an impact
(big and small)

decentralized web design Nezhynska logo
DWeb logo Nezhynska making of
DWeb design Nezhynska dynamic logo
DWeb design Nezhynska colors
DWeb design Nezhynska visual language
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website as city,
website as building

DWeb design Nezhynska sitemap UX
decentralized web design Nezhynska branding
DWeb design Nezhynska web design home page
DWeb design Nezhynska website
DWeb brand Nezhynska nodes sub-branding
DWeb Nezhynska branding start a node

Another strategic decision we made was to divide the sub-branding process into two steps - the launch (teaser and sketch), and a collaborative sprint with node leaders so as to finalize the identity framework together.

We kickstarted with only one variable of the Nodes’ visual identity - the duo-tone dithering.

To make information more legible for people with color blindness or lower contrast sensitivity, we put extra effort into finding the right secondary color palettes in addition to the dominating black and white.

DWeb design Nezhynska accessibility
DWeb design Nezhynska events table
DWeb events Nezhynska branding
DWeb tweets Nezhynska branding

To give the community a wider space for self-expression (which we called “design improv”) we avoided creating templates that were ultra-finished and too directing for the event covers.

Instead, we provided Node leaders with a template with only two presets - a typographic system and elements positioning. Everything else - from logo appearance to the background color and key visual - was left blank.

This approach created more space for mirroring the theme of a given event and turned out to be easy and fun to use for all future events.

DWeb design Nezhynska event covers
DWeb design Nezhynska event covers
DWeb design Nezhynska blog
DWeb design Nezhynska get involved
DWeb design Nezhynska get involved page quotes


post-launch success

DWeb design Nezhynska talk


links and credits


DWeb branding Nezhynska Nodes sub-branding

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