You are invited to the brand lab,

a workshop on reverse-engineering your project’s reputation


▇▇ who this workshop is for

web3 startup founders dealing with changing market dynamics

established tech projects struggling with adoption

tech teams preparing for funding rounds

product managers seeking growth with limited marketing funds

in-house product designers aiming to advance in branding

▇▇ where it appeared so far

DevCon  ▪  ETHDenver Camp BUIDL  ▪  ZuConnect at DevConnect

DWeb Camp  ▪  Regens Unite ▪  Web3Summit

Funding the Commons Berlin Builder Recidency

World Information Architecture Day  ▪  Codemotion


▇▇ after attending this workshop you will be able to

adjust your product reputation from “what we have” to “what we want”
THEORY ——————— You will learn what a reputation stack is, how projects accumulate its layers, how to speed up the process, and what to do if your current reputation is not what you wish to have.
PRACTICE ——————— Quick check to see where your reputation stands right now.

make your product positioning work for you not against you
THEORY ——————— You will learn how the tiny details of product positioning take control of your reputation and what to watch out for when (re)entering the market.
PRACTICE ——————— Homework resources.

communicate tech features in a way that sparks curiosity and desire
THEORY ——————— You will learn how to gather insights on your audience's persona and use the raw data to rephrase your message in a way that makes them want to hear more.
PRACTICE ——————— We will do one exercise that can replace persona interviews when you are short on time and budget.

make your product visually stand out on the market
THEORY ——————— You will learn how to use your competitors' reputation for your own differentiation and when to ride a wave of trends or avoid them by all means.
PRACTICE ——————— We will do an exercise that will give momentum to your product and help you craft a timeless identity at the same time.

create a brand image that wins hearts and minds of early adopters
THEORY ——————— You will learn how to give personality to your product based on your desirable future reputation and the customers' emotional profile and aesthetic realm.
PRACTICE ——————— We will go through a fast-track of the brand personality workshop.

plan a seamless visual experience that embeds your product in people's memories
THEORY ——————— You will learn how to use customer journey maps (CJM) in branding, what a brand visual heart is, and the pros and cons of having one for your project.
PRACTICE ——————— We will do a CJM for a selected project. You will also explore the possible visual hearts for your product with the help of other attendees.

▇▇ meet the instructor


If you are not attending IPFS Camp but would like me to give this workshop for your team, or at your event, email me or drop a line via Telegram (@IraNezhynska)

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